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Ayurvedic Panchkarma Treatments-
 Shree Ayurveda provides a varied range of Ayurvedic treatments .A mini ayurvedic consultation precedes all massage therapies and treatments are tailored according to ones bodyconstitution (dosha). The oils used is what ones body needs for balance and wellbeing at the time.
    abhyanga ayurvedic treatmentsAbhyanga (Full body massage)
    €75-(60 mins)

    During this full body massage warm herbal medicated oils suited to your unique constitution will be applied. 
    This massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system, nourishes muscles and joints,soothes and rejuvenates the nervous system.

       Shirodhara €90-(1hr 30 min) -Mind Rejuvenation 
      This treatment is excellent for stress and anxiety and also has proven beneficial in treating depression and many other issues related to the central nervous system.
      This includes a stream of medicated oil poured on the forehead which brings in deep relaxation.

       (Abhyanga and Shirodhara: €165) (2 hrs) (Absolute Bliss)

        This package includes a full body massage and Shirodhara session both together on the same dayRecommended for rejuvenation, stress and fatigue.
         Shiroabhyanga-€45-(40mins)(traditional head massage)

            This treatment traditionally starts with a head massage with warm herbal oil.Relieves stress,anxiety,improves blood circulation,fatigue,sleep issues.
          Promotes relaxation.
          Panchakarma treatment-UdvartanaAbhyanga & Udvartan- €135-(1hr 50 mins)
          ( Detox body massage with herbal scrub)
          This is detoxifying for the lymphatic system and starts with an invigorating warm oil application, followed by a full body herbal powder exfoliation.
          It helps to eliminate toxins out of the body and also improves sluggish circulation and digestion.
          It liquefies subcutaneous fat,rejuvenates the skin and brings glow to it.


          Panchakarma treatment-NasyaNasya-€75-(90 mins)(nasal treatment)
          After a face massage and medicated steam inhalation, a few drops of herbal oil will be administered into each nostril and massaged into the sinuses.
          This treatment is proven to be highly effective in relieving headaches, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia,snoring,and many other ailments in head and neck region.
          Recommended in series to get a desired effect.

          Panchakarma treatment- Netra-tarpanNetra tarpan-€75-(90min)(Nourishing eye treatment)
          A wonderful treatment to nourish the eyes and optic nerve.
          It improves vision,reduces redness, irritation,tiredness and dryness in the eyes. A dough ring is placed around the eye and slightly warm ghee is slowly poured into the ring to cover entire eye until the eyelashes are submerged. It is beneficial for eye conditions such as optic neuritis, early cataract,macular degeneration and Bell’s palsy. 
          kati-basti ayurvedic treatmentsKati basti-(Lower back treatment)-Spinal Rejuvenation €60-(60 mins)
             Warm medicated herbal oil will be poured and retained within a dough ring that is created around the lower back.
           This will be followed by back massage. A very effective treatment for back pain, arthritis,sprains,lumbago,sciatica, stiffness and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems.
           It considerably increases the circulation in the region, as the medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin, and both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves.
          Recommended in a series to reach the desired effect.
          greeva basti-Ayurvedic treatmentGreeva basti-€45-(50 mins ) (relaxing neck treatment)

             Similar to Kati basti (Lower back treatment)this treatment is a warm oil bath for the cervical spine. A dough dam that covers the  cervical spine is filled with warm medicated oil.
           An excellent treatment for upper back and neck pain due to posture,or arthritic conditions
          Recommended in a series to reach the desired effect.
          Relaxing neck,back,shoulder massage-€65 (60min)

              A relaxing massage using medicated oils suited to one's body constitution are used.Especially recommended for pain caused as a result of incorrect posture,stress,those working in an environment where longer hours are spent in front of a PC.
          Panchakarma treatments-PindaswedaPinda Sweda-€90-(60 mins) (Warm bolus massage)
          A rejuvenating, strengthening, and nourishing massage which uses muslin/cotton poultice bags filled with specially selected herbs and rice cooked with milk or herb juices which are massaged gently over the body.
          It helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tensions, and stress.
          This is very useful for chronic issues with the back and spine.Also beneficial for arthritic conditions.
          Abhyanga & Pinda Sweda :€160-(2hrs) (Full body massage with supreme bolus massage)
                This treatments usually starts with a full body massage followed by the herbal bolus massage.This is excellent for pain relief and breaks down the congestion.Also helps to improve overall circulation and fatigue.
          Please note: 

            • A shower is recommended with the Shirodhara and Swedena(Steam)treatments; it is optional with the Abhyanga (full body massage) (it is good to leave oil atleast 20mins and then have a shower).
            • Shower facilities are available.
            • Bath towels ,bath robe,bath slippers will be provided.
            • Refreshing drink served after every treatment.
            • We recommend you to wear old clothes while attending treatments.