Shree Ayurveda - a step towards a healthy future

Kindly note:
  • Although these are designed for your healthy wellbeing ;
  • The programmes are ideally tailormade suited to ones health needs.
  • There may be slight variations if required depending on the wellbeing at the time and your doshic constitution and  health conditions if any.
  • Prices may  vary subject to any changes due to health conditions and certain health requirements and you would be informed accordingly at the first consultation.
  • Panchkarma home cleanse package also available.Kindly get in touch and we will design an appropriate package for you suitable to your constitution.
  • Payment: 50% non refundable deposit to be paid before the programme.
  • Personal attention and care by our Ayurvedic consultant.
Late winter/EarlySpring Special Rejuvenation programme:
€ 280 per person
This program consists of the following Ayurvedic treatments:
  • Abhyanga 
  • Swedana (full body herbal steam)
  • Shirodhara – a calming and balancing treatment for the nervous system
  • A special vegetarian Khichari lunch– to facilitate cleansing and nourishment

One -day Panchkarma Rejuvenation programme:€ 350 per person
This 1-day program consists of the following Ayurvedic treatments:
  • Abhyanga - oil massage administered specific to the client’s constitution
  • Pinda Sweda – a calming and balancing treatment for the nervous system
  • Herbal body scrub for exfoliation depending on the constitution
  • A special Panchakarma Khichari lunch– to facilitate cleansing and nourishment
  • Includes Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenating medicines

3 -Day Panchkarma Wellness Retreat  
from €680 per person
Price includes:
• Wellness Plan diet /nutrition
3 days Panchakarma Treatments – Almost 2 &1/2 to 3 hours of daily Ayurvedic treatments (customized to your personal needs)
• Complementary Khichari stew after the treatment as a support to your healing .

Please Note:
  •  Accommodation NOT included.
  • Does not include additional therapies, herbal remedies,ayurvedic medicines

  Ayurvedic Relaxation & Rejuvenation package (5 days)- from €1250 per person
This five-day detox program is the ideal introduction and preparation for the more intensive Panchakarma course but is also well suited to those that simply wish to rest, relax and de-stress.
Price Includes:
  • Nutrition & Diet plan-Rejuvenation programme  
  • Combination of Ayurvedic treatments 2 hours daily
  • Delicious Vegetarian lunch/lunch kit
  • Daily health assessment
  • Ayurvedic herbal medicated oils,ghee,juices,herbal tea and rejuvenating herbs.
  • Does not include any accomodation and transport.

Ayurvedic  (Internal cleanse) Panchakarma Rejuvenation& Detox programme: (5 days)-
 from €1850 per person
Price includes:
  • Diet and Nutrition Plan -preparation for Pre Panchkarma phase
  • Daily health assessment
  • Combination of Ayurvedic treatments-2 hrs approx daily
  • (Abhyanga,Udvartan,Swedana,Pindasweda,Nasya,Shiroabhyanga,
  • Shirodhara ,Virechana, Padabhyanga,)(combination may vary daily)
  • Delicious vegetarian lunch
  • Ayurvedic herbal teas, detoxifying herbal juices,medicated oils,ghee
herbal medication and supplements as required depending on the wellbeing at the time
  • Comprehensive notes
  • Rejuvenating herbal supplements and post panchkarma diet plan and assessment at the end of the programme
  • (Prices do not include any accommodation and travel expenses)
  The whole life catered for in the Panchkarma provided by Madhuri is most welcome in this world.Where Trust in Health is Hard Found.To be facilitated in a living way to overcome stuckness,lethargy,fatigue,exhaustion with different degrees of pain is how health needs to be addressed for true recovery  and not just be to medicated.
The personal touches Madhuri imparts is insightful and wholesome with her sense of humour which is most comforting.
If a person is stuck and or struggling with their life,Panchkarma clears the fog of fiction in the mind ,body and spirit to reveal the clarity of your life, to find your way.I recommend it to the weary!!
                              Thomas Grufferty , Ireland