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Ritucharya-Seasonal Regime

Ritucharya-seasonal regime in ayurveda

     The Tri-Doshas  Vata, Pitta and Kapha as per Ayurveda can get easily influenced by the different seasons.

     These are technically termed as ‘’Ritus’’ in Ayurveda context. There are six Ritus accordingly relating to every season, and to balance the doshas each Ritu has a unique diet known as Ahara in ayurveda, and a lifestyle to follow termed as Vihara.

     January to March are considered as the Shishir Ritu.

     More specifically in context of health as per the Ayurveda texts  physical strength and digestive fire, both are at their maximum in winter season. And due to there being natural coldness and dryness in the atmosphere, this is also believed to be the time when ‘Vata’ dosha dominates.

     As per Ayurveda, the Shishir Ritu or the winter season actually happens to be a good period for building immunity, as our digestion is stronger in cold weather. However, it is also important to make sure that we eat warm, freshly cooked food that is organic, easy-to-digest and wholesome.

 Look Forward to Immunity Boost

    Ayurveda suggest building more strength and stamina during this period. This season is followed by spring time, and one can also focus on building a good foundation of immunity for the next approaching season and the seasons to come. 

   For an increased immunity during winter season, Ayurveda suggests consuming a teaspoon of Chyawanprash in the morning.

   It is a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral herbal supplement, consisting of immune boosting herbs which helps improve appetite and digestion.

   This is the best time of the year to avail of the various detoxification and cleansing measures. The various warm oil massages help in building our immune system and a healthy and glowing skin, besides giving us mental clarity and tones the body,also promotes weight loss.

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