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Ayurveda for Summer

ayurveda for summer
Ayurveda for Summer

   Hello everyone!!

     I hope you are all enjoying the glorious weather for the past few days.

     Summer has finally arrived !!

     This is  the perfect opportunity to share the Secrets of Ayurveda for a healthy and enjoyable summer.

     Ayurvedic overview:

      Summer season (Greeshma Ritu) has been described as a season of dehydration, exhaustion and lack of energy.  

      According to Ayurveda this is naturally a Pitta Season.

      Pitta dosha regulates all the metabolic functions of the body; it plays a major role in the digestion and assimilation.

      During  this season, the Kapha in the body starts to melt, but the Pitta gets aggravated. The dryness and lightness in the weather also gives rise to excessive Vata.The transformational power of Pitta is affected during this season, leading to poor digestion.

      Pitta aggravation causes acidity, constipation, stomach ulcers and diarrhoea. Signs of excess Pitta include heartburn, excessive body heat and sweating, skin rashes, acne, premature greying hair, irritability and anger.

     Meanwhile, the Vata aggravation causes fatigue and lethargy.

     One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that our habits, routines, and dietary choices should be in tune with the seasons. 
    We can support an improved state of balance throughout the year by making a conscious effort to live in harmony with the cycles of nature and by regularly adjusting our lifestyle and habits to accommodate the arrival of each new season.

     Diet to follow:

       As this is a Pitta season,sweet bitter and astringent flavours pacify the aggravated pitta dosha.

  • Ayurvedic teachings stress upon eating only those foods which have a cooling effect on the body.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as it helps in flushing out all the toxic matter from the body.
  • Drinks like buttermilk, lassi (traditional Indian yogurt drink),fruit juices, coconut water, herbal tea tea helps in maintaining the Pitta and Vata balance in the body.
  • Fresh fruit juices are excellent rejuvenators.
  • Eat light and fresh foods like salads and freshly cut fruits.
  • Vegetables like asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, celery, green leafy vegetables etc should be included in the diet.
  • Fruits like watermelon, peaches, plums, mangoes, grapes, pears, avocado and berries are good to beat the summer heat.
  • Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid  consumption of red meat.
  • Avoid too much of alcohol.
  • Spices like cardamom,mint,fennel, coriander are good for this season.Fresh herbs like coriander,mint are refreshing and can be used in salads and chutneys.

      Lifestyle to follow:

  • Summertime is bursting with vibrant energy and most people find it easier to rise early in the morning at this time of year.
  • Essential oils of jasmine and rose,sandalwood are good fragrances for the summer or you may enjoy a rose water sprays to calm, cool, and refresh your mind.
  • Avoid sleeping in the afternoon.
  • Wear light clothing and preferably linen or cotton dresses.
  • Applying sandalwood paste on the face and body helps keep the body and mind cool.
  • Herbal body scrubs with sandalwood and rose petals  are also soothing and can be used for bath.
  • Light workouts like Pranayamas, early morning walks etc. are good too for this season.
  • Swimming is also a good exercise in summer months.

         Enjoy the lovely weather !!!

5 Comments to Ayurveda for Summer:

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serefd on Wednesday 21 December 2016 08:50
Great featuers.
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Shenika Keis on Tuesday 13 June 2017 06:16
cool tips to deal with the hot summer,will make sure to follow your tips during the summer
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PPC expert on Tuesday 24 April 2018 15:55
Love everything about your blog. You are amazing at what you do and I look forward to seeing more of such great content here.Keep up the good job.
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DerrickReeves on Tuesday 22 May 2018 08:54
Great work
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rush essay on Wednesday 23 May 2018 15:06
Well, I am ready for the summer season. I hope it will be a great couple of months for me.
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