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Alcohol-An Ayurvedic Perspective

Alcohol -An Ayurvedic Perspective

      The festive spirit of Christmas is here again.Time to party with your loved ones,friends,and collegues too.This festive time also puts a great pressure on our body system.Lots of sweets,chocolates,mince pies,heavy dinners,and also lot of wine and spirits.
      Let,s see what Ayurveda has to say about alcohol intake.

    Alcohol has a long history of medicinal usage in Ayurveda,predominantly mentioned in the form of "Asavas and Arishtas"(fermented herbal infusions and decoctions).

   The ancient vedic texts have explained the medicinal uses of a variety of alcoholic beverages, which are generally named as ‘Madya'.

   In Ayurveda beverages are grouped based on the nature of raw materials used and the nature of fermentation,eg. sugar based beverages, fruit based beverages, cereal based beverages, beverages prepared from cereal with or without fruits but contains herbs,vinegar fermentation and tonic wines.

   Eg.Sura(wine prepared from rice and jaggery),sukta (wine prepared from roots and tubers)Sidhu (prepared from fermenting sugarcane juice)

  Alcohol has subtle,pitta aggravating,hot,and sharp/penetrating gunas (qualities). The penetrating quality allows alcohol to reach the deep tissues of the body, while the subtle quality permeates the mind and consciousness. The hot and spreading qualities give a specific affinity for the liver the circulatory and lymphatic systems which spread throughout the body.  It is sweet, sour,bitter, astringent and pungent in taste.
It is light to digest but imparts dryness to the body.

  Ancient Vedic texts also explains the important rules to be observed for consumption of alcohol. There are also strict rules governing the effects of alcohol consumption on Vata, Pitta and Kapha constitutions.

   Well, Ayurveda doesn’t necessarily promote drinking alcohol; however,
alcohol is a medicine when used in the right dose but acts like a poison (toxin)due to over indulgence. It is indicated that alcoholic drinks should be taken according to the prescribed procedure, in proper dose, at the proper time, along with wholesome food.

    Alcohol is recommended in Ayurveda during winter months in very small amounts.Alcohol taken appropriately promotes appetite,stimulates the power of digestive fire, increases strength,and removes fear, grief and fatigue.

    Winter warming herbs and spices can be used for increasing digestive fire and promoting digestion and are also warming in nature. eg.root ginger,cinnamon,turmeric.

   Long term intake/consumption of alcohol, poses severe risk to the most of the body organs especially heart,brain(central nervous system), kidneys and liver.It causes inflammation in gastric track,bowel issues,sweating, delusion and many more severe health conditions which can lead to death.

  At this time of year, it may be a bit harder to refuse alcohol when everyone else is in the festive spirit.Why not try some non-alcoholic beverages? Afterall,Moderation is the Key to good health.

Disclaimer:This article is for information purpose only.Strictly not for Eductational purpose.

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