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Detox in Spring

Ayurvedic Detox in Spring 

    Time to spring into action. 
 Refresh, Revitalise and Renew.Its time to detox and cleanse.

   The ice and snow around us is melting and temperatures are beginning to rise, encouraging life to spring from the earth once again.

   After a long winter of indulging in comfort foods, sedentary lifestyle in winter you may need to press a reset button on your body for spring.
  A cleanse or detox is a wonderful way to kick start the body metabolism and introduce some healthy eating patterns that can continue through the warmer months.

  Late winter and spring are more Kapha-dominant seasons.Kapha is the heaviest of the doshas,comprised of the earth and water elements. It is cold, moist, heavy, dull, and static, tending to cause stagnation. We are prone towards a more kapha lifestyle routine in the winter.

  Toxins, known as ‘ama’ in Ayurveda, which may have built up in our system over the course of winter,starts negatively acting on all aspects of our body. This build up of ‘ama’ can lead to a seasonal imbalance.

  Is Your Body Showing Signs That You Need A Spring Cleanse?

  • Do you feel bloated, constipated and congested?
  • Have you gained weight? 
  • Do you feel slow and low energy most of the time?
  • Lack of mental clarity and energy.
  • Has your digestion weakened?
  • A white coating on the tongue early morning and foul smelling breath?
  • Do you wake up tired even after a good night sleep?

  Here is your solution. A gentle cleanse can help to restore vitality to the body and flush out toxins.

  Benefits of detoxification:  
  • Helps restore a sense of calmness to the mind and the nervous system.
  • Improves clarity and keeps you grounded.
  • Improved sense of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life.
  • Supports the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
  • Restore and maintain balanced sleep cycles.
  • Improves digestive functions,and elimination patterns.
   Here are a few points to be aware of before a cleansing/detox programme is chosen.

  • Ayurveda recommends two kinds of detoxification programs:

  • Self-detox (includes a diet, herbal preparations, and daily routine)recommended upon by an Ayurvedic expert.
  • A Panchkarma detoxification program designed and supervised by an expert trained in Ayurveda. (Which program you choose depends on the nature of your imbalances and the type of toxins lodged in your body). 
  • Panchakarma is a special programme that includes certain types of diet,but the focus is not on diet alone. 
  • Panchkarma therapies are individualized based upon constitutional types, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, seasons, and a range of other factors.

  A specific designed programme with relation to detox diet /treatments would be of great help for people suffering from chronic diseases.

 *Always consult a trained Ayurvedic consultant/practitioner.

 *Why not try our cleansing /detox programme and find a great way to give your body some   rest from the stress of the modern world…

  Questions & Comments welcome...

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AlButler on Monday 30 April 2018 17:13
informing post
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JohnDunn on Monday 30 April 2018 17:46
good post
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